Difference between Questionnaire and Schedule

Main difference

The main difference between the questionnaire and the program is that the questionnaire is a set of written questions with a selection of answers, while the program is a formal set of interrogations that are provided to the interviewers and they write down the answers.

Questionnaire vs. schedule

Quiz means a data collection method consisting of written questions along with alternative answers, while timetable is an official exam document that is officially provided. Informants fill out the questionnaire, while the calendar is filled in on behalf of the respondent. The questionnaire is usually mailed to informants to answer letters, while the program is usually filled out by the researcher. The collection of records through the questionnaire is comparatively cheap and inexpensive, while the collection of records through programs is relatively more expensive.

The non-response rate is usually high in the questionnaire, while the non-response rate is usually low in the program. In the questionnaire, it is not always clear who you are responding to, whereas in a schedule, the character of the respondent is evident. The questionnaire method is prolonged, while, in the case of timetables, the information collection technique is over time because they are being filled out officially. In the case of the questionnaire method, individual contacts are generally not conceivable, while in the case of the schedule, personal connections are noted directly by respondents.

The questionnaire method is used only when the respondents are literate and supportive, while the programming method is used to get the information even the respondents are illiterate. In the questionnaire method, there is a risk of collecting incomplete and incorrect information, while in the program, the data is complete and accurate. Apparently, the questionnaire is quite attractive, while in the schedule it is not essential because it is being filled out by the pollsters.Comparison chart

Questionnaire Calendar
A quiz is a method of written questions with an answer option. The schedule is a formal method of questioning and writes down the answers.
filled by
Surveyed enumerators
response rate
Under High
Economic Expenses
Using with literate and cooperative. Use with literate and illiterate people.
Physical appearance
must be attractive Not essensial
Respondent Personality
Unrecognized Recognized
Big comparatively small

What is the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a written or printed research tool consisting of a list of questions attached to response options. It is a form that is used to obtain exact information from the respondents. Usually, the questionnaires are sent to the interested person by post or postal mail and invite him to answer and return them. Informants must read, obtain and respond in the space provided in the questionnaire.

The whole data collection process is low cost and cheap, and the non-response rate is usually high because many people do not respond to the questionnaire and do not return the questionnaire. There is no personal contact that is essential in the case of a questionnaire because the questionnaires are sent to the respondents by mail and the connections are already in the record. The questionnaire method is protracted because many respondents do not return the questionnaire at the required time. The purpose of the questionnaire is to use it only when the recipients are well educated and cooperative.

The questionnaire aims to collect complete and correct information. In the questionnaire method, there is a high risk of collecting imperfect and incorrect information because most people are unable to get the questions right; the fulfillment of the questionnaire methods deceives the excellence of the questionnaire more. The presence of the questionnaire should be quite attractive. It is not clear in the questionnaire method, who is answering; In this process, respondents have a lot of time to think before answering. The language of the questionnaire should be comfortable and simple.

What is Schedule?

The schedule is a formal method of asking questions. It is like a form that is containing a list of items that the researchers are going to fill out, who they are personally designating for the persistence of the data collection, these people officially go to the informants with the schedule, and they ask them some questions of the schedule form and write your responses in the space provided. Enumerators play the main role in data collection.

This scheduling method is a bit expensive due to data collection, and employees are being specially hired for this purpose and trained. Although the process requires a considerable amount. The schedule is filling up with select employees; so there is little chance that it will not respond. In the schedule method, the collection of information is adequate, and over time because they are officially being filled, it is generally being filled for any type of investigative work

The data used in the Schedule method doesn’t just require literate people; It is also common in illiterate people because the time forms are filled out by trained employees. The physical appearance of a form is not essential in the programming method and it is about establishing a direct individual contact. The achievement of the programming method depends on the morality and ability of the enumerators, and is to identify who responds against interrogating in the programming method. The collection of information is usually complete and correct because the professionals eliminate those difficulties that the respondents face. There are some types of programs, such as capacity, resources and service program.

Key differences

  1. Data collection in the questionnaire is cheap, while data collection in the program is expensive.
  2. The non-response rate is usually high in the questionnaire; on the other hand, the non-response rate is low in the schedule.
  3. The questionnaire method is prolonged, on the contrary, obtaining the information through the schedule is on time.
  4. The questionnaire method is only used with literate people; on the other hand, the programming method is used both with the literate and the illiterate.
  5. There is a risk of getting incomplete or incorrect information in the questionnaire, while there is no risk of getting incomplete or incorrect information in the program.
  6. The distribution of the questionnaire is comparatively large; on the other hand, the delivery of the schedule is relatively small.
  7. The completion of the questionnaire is deception in the quality of the questionnaire; conversely, adherence to the schedule method cheats on morality and skill.

Final Thought

Everything has two characteristics, one is positive and the second is negative, the same happens with the questionnaire and the schedules, but both the questionnaire and the schedule are standard among people, the risk of incomplete information is high in the questionnaire because people they can’t get more comfortable, but the schedule faces the threat of researcher bias and dishonesty.

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