Difference between Quesadillas and Gringas

In Mexico quesadillas are one of the most popular typical dishes. A quesadilla consists of a corn or wheat flour tortilla folded in half (or two flour tortillas as a sandwich) that can be filled with a wide variety of ingredients. As with tacos, there is a huge variety of quesadillas. Gringas are actually considered a type of quesadilla.

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What are they? Mexican dish prepared with tortillas folded in half. Inside each folded tortilla goes the filling. A gringa is a type of quesadilla. However, unlike the normal quesadilla, the gringa is prepared with two tortillas arranged in parallel (like a sandwich).
Do they have cheese? There is a great debate around this topic. 

The truth is that there are quesadillas made only with cheese (the “original” quesadilla), quesadillas with cheese and another ingredient, and quesadillas with only the ingredient and no cheese.

Yes, unless the person who is going to consume it prefers to do it without cheese.
type of tortilla As for the quesadillas, these can have a flour tortilla (northern Mexico) or corn (central and southern Mexico). The gringas, on the other hand, are always made with a flour tortilla.
Ingredients (filling) They may or may not have cheese and also other ingredients such as squash blossoms, beef, chicken (tinga), mushrooms, chorizo ​​or longaniza, among many others. The “original” gringa is made with al pastor meat as a filling. However, almost all taquerias or establishments offer gringas with other ingredients such as roast beef or longaniza.
How are they heated? Fried or cooked on the griddle. Heated on the griddle or griddle. When an employee takes money or items from their workplace

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