Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality assurance is process – oriented and focuses on defect prevention . Instead, quality control is product – oriented and focuses on identifying defects.

Comparison table

Quality assurance
Definition Quality assurance is the set of activities aimed at ensuring quality in processes. In these processes the products are elaborated. On the other hand, quality control is a set of activities to ensure the quality of products. Activities focus on identifying defects in final products.
Focus Quality assurance is directed at preventing defects with a focus on the process used to make the product. It is a proactive quality process. Instead, quality control is directed at identifying (and correcting) defects in final products. Quality control, therefore, is a reactive process.
Goal On the one hand, the goal of quality assurance is to improve the development and testing processes. In this way the defects will not increase when the product is being manufactured. The goal of quality control is to identify defects after the product is developed and before it goes to market.
As it does? To begin with, a good quality management system must be established and its adequacy assessed. In addition, regular compliance audits of system operations should be performed. Firstly, any sources of quality problems must be found and eliminated through tools and equipment. In this way the needs of customers are constantly satisfied.
That makes? Prevention of quality problems through planned and systematic activities, including documentation. The activities or techniques used to achieve and maintain product, process, and service quality.
Whose responsibility is it? Everyone involved in the team that develops the product is responsible for quality assurance. Quality control is generally the responsibility of a specific team that tests products for defects.
examples Verification is an example of this process. Regarding quality control, software validation/testing is an example of quality control.
Statistical techniques Statistical tools and techniques can be applied in quality assurance and quality control. 

When they are applied to processes (entry processes and operating parameters) they are called Statistical Process Control (CPE) and become part of quality assurance.

When statistical tools and techniques are applied to the final product (results of the process), they are called Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and it is part of quality control.
Function as a tool It is a management tool. On the other hand, quality control is a corrective tool.

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