Difference between Public Security and Private Security

Main difference

Public security is a service provided by the government of any state to its citizens, state departments, etc. to ensure your protection. Private security is usually a security provider company that serves anyone by providing both armed and unarmed security services to protect them from any threat. Public institutions include trained armed officers who are employed by the government and are serving in any public sector. Private Security is made up of gunners who are hired by private companies or by a single citizen to guard themselves or any of their belongings. Private security guards are primarily trained to perform any relevant task and are usually higher authorities allow them to arrest any offender on the spot and have the discretion to use their power when necessary. Private security guards, on the other hand, have to provide a shield to anyone’s assets as well as themselves. Public Security trained its guards with regulated training programs in which several hard work tests are applied to the officers in order to fully train them so that they can face any crime with their best level. Private security guards are not full in terms of power and authority and have no discretion to secure the arrest of any offender as they have no power to use force. The Public Security force is funded by the government and the guards are always accountable not only to the government but also to the public. Since private security guards are not supported by the government, they are not accountable to the government or society. The main concern of the public security agency is to ensure the safety of the citizens and serve them as servants. On the other hand, the guards who belong to the private security agency are not asked to become humanitarians, since their first priority is to protect everything your employer asks or orders.

Comparison chart

Public security Private security
It contains all trained armed officers, who are government employees. Security service owned by a person who is not a government employee.
It serves to protect everything and everyone within a country. Only those things that the employer orders.
He is accountable to the public. You are responsible to the employer.
Plus Less

What is public safety?

Public Security includes all trained armed officers, who are government employees. It serves to provide security to the citizens of a country, departments or public institutions, etc. The guards provided by Public Safety have the discretion to arrest any offender if necessary. These gunners have authority and can make decisions for themselves. Since Public Security is run and funded by the government, officers are always accountable to higher authorities and the public. Their main concern and duty is to ensure the protection of civilians.

What is private security?

Private Security is a privately owned security service and is not managed or funded by any government department. Guards generally trained with limited protection skills. Their main concern is to protect everything that their owner tells them or orders. Since they are not funded or supported by any government institution, they are not accountable to the government or any citizen other than the one who hires them. In private, security people lack the power and authority to stop anyone and their power is limited.

Key differences

  1. Public Security is a department administered by the government to provide security; Private security is managed privately
  2. Public Security serves to protect everything and everyone within a country; Private security protects only those things that the employer orders
  3. Public security must guarantee the protection of all citizens; Private security has nothing to do with anyone but the owner
  4. Public safety is accountable to the public; Private security is only responsible to its owner
  5. The authority and power of public security is much greater than that of private security, whose limited
Final Thought

There are always confusions in the two terms Public and Private Security, although people know that they are different from each other, they really have no idea how they differ from each other and what are the main functions of these two. This article provides a simple explanation for people to understand the functionality of the two terms.

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