Difference between Proxy War and Cold War

Main difference

The nuclear-armed world might not be in a position to allow any war, including serious atomic bombing, with this, many of the rivals have changed the policy to harm the arch-rivals. Although, they are also the type of wars but they cannot be observed with the naked eye. The Cold War and the Proxy War are also two types of war, which can be easily differentiated since the cold war is a war without violence, although in it there are tense relations between two countries, while in the Proxy War you can choose between a third party or establish a monopoly to destabilize rivals and the one carrying the attacks does not take responsibility for it.

What is the Cold War?

The war is carried out to materialize the nation by damaging their economies by launching different propaganda at them. The other thing is that in this war the use of weapons or military is not clearly seen, since it is even called the war of harsh terms. As the leaders of both countries could threaten each other and try to win by pressing. It should also be mentioned that this war can lead to hot war, which could be long lasting. More commonly, the cold war is seen as the tension between the United States and the USSR after World War II.

What is ProxyWar?

It is a totally different war, organized by forming allies and organizing such activities without showing their hand behind these attacks or activities. The other point should be noted that no weapons or state military are used in this regard, as the team assembled for these attacks could be from any other country, and teams would have been formed based on race, religion, or emotional reasons. attached files. This war is being started by another place and is being trained in another place with more chances even from people from another place. In this war, the state also does not show its activity to the people it is training, and this mission falls only to the high officials of the country and is kept top secret.

Key differences

  1. The Cold War is a game of nerves and words, since it is specifically not a war of arms. Whereas, in proxy warfare heavy weapons are used which can be bought from any other country or organization while keeping it secret.
  2. In the Cold War, the biggest role is played by politicians who are simply trying to curb the voice and confuse the other country with their strategy, although in proxy war the country organizing the war against the other might be having proper relations.
  3. The protagonists of the proxy war are non-state actors, although in the cold war some officials may appear on the scene.
  4. Religion, racism, and revenge may be the essence of proxy warfare, but the cold war is a 1-on-1 issue with another country mostly without using weapons.

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