Difference Between Promotion and Advertising

There are different marketing strategies that help a company to position a certain product in order to make it known by the entire community and consequently increase sales or in some cases, increase people’s knowledge about a product or service, some of these strategies are promotion and advertising.

Companies use promotion and advertising to spread, through various media, a product or service. In this article we are going to show the differences between promotion and advertising, starting from the definitions of both terms.


Promotion can be defined as a set of marketing techniques that a company or organization establishes for a certain period of time, in order to promote the consumption of a product, good or service in the short term. This is done by disseminating the qualities or advantages of these products or services.

It can be said then that promotion is a mechanism for transmitting information that includes different strategies that range from planning, control or supervision, cost-benefit evaluation and advertising strategies to be used to achieve the objectives.

Promotion is also understood as the mass dissemination technique whose objective is to make a product known in a relatively short period of time, through means such as coupons, catalogs, free samples, special sales that include discounts or gifts of the same or other products or items.

In the case of services, the promotion is generally executed through special discounts so that the client acquires the contract with the company providing the service.


Advertising is a marketing strategy whose objective is to position a brand, product or service in the medium and long term. It includes the planning, control or supervision of the process, the cost-benefit evaluation and the evaluation of general profits and is characterized by publicizing the launch of new products on the market and increasing their sales in times of low sales.

Advertising contains a commercial message and is often expressed through the mass media (radio, television and the Internet). Advertising is also done through print media such as magazines, brochures or newspapers. Likewise, advertising seeks to increase the competitiveness of a brand or product, carrying out temporary or permanent campaigns that allow the diffusion of its qualities in the consumer, so that he buys it and appropriates a brand for its continuous use. and permanent.

Taking into consideration what was previously expressed in the definitions, it can be said that there are notable differences between promotion and advertising, which are largely determined by the objectives to be achieved. So, in short, we have:

Promotion Advertising
Promotion sets short-term goals. Advertising establishes objectives and goals in the medium and long term.
The promotion is temporary, it does not seek to position a brand but to increase the sales of a product or service. Advertising is permanent, it seeks to position a brand in the market through the dissemination of a product.
The promotion focuses on specific activities (sale, giveaways and/or free samples) to increase sales of your product. Advertising focuses on publicizing the advantages and qualities of a product and/or brand. 


Promotion helps in the launch stage of a product. Advertising helps in the positioning of a product in the market, regardless of whether it is a new product or if it has been on the market for some time.

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