Difference between Problem and Conflict

Both terms are usually synonymous, but problem and conflict are two totally different terms used to define different situations.


Basically it is a circumstance that comes to generate an obstacle in the normal course of things. A problem is a situation that requires a solution. For humans and at a social level, the problems are diverse. There are individual problems, which are those that only cause damage to one person and they must solve it, however, a group of people can collaborate to solve it, but this will depend on each situation.

The problems as a whole involve communities or people from a certain geographical space. In scientific areas, the problems are related to the field studied, be they numerical, physical or biological problems. From a philosophical point of view, our life and our purpose consists in solving problems that arise in the course of events.


It is a situation in which two or more people with different or opposing interests confront their positions with the aim of neutralizing, eliminating or damaging the rival. Even if the confrontation is verbal, it is known as a conflict. A conflict often creates problems between people because of the goals, values, resources, and power between the people involved.

According to different theories about the origin of the conflict, they establish that the human being is a social animal, and therefore has natural tendencies to competition and cooperation among his fellows.

Differences between conflict problem

  • A problem is a circumstance that represents an obstacle to the normal development of the desired events.
  • A conflict is a situation that confronts two or more people with different interests with the aim of neutralizing or eliminating the rival’s ideas, values ​​and objectives.

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