Difference between Pringles and Lay’s Stax

Main difference

Potatoes are always in business for almost all foodies, as it is the most widely used co-vegetable to prepare other vegetables in Asia, while potato chips and quick fries are quite popular in the West. The other preferences of potato lovers are some of the premium brands of types of potato chips. And whenever you’re looking for those kinds of snacks, the two Pringles or Lays Stax can be your top priority. Here it should also be mentioned that, Lays Stax was launched by Frito-Lays to compete with Procter and Gambles launched Pringles.The main difference between them is that Pringles are lighter, thinner, more delicate and have a leaf-like appearance, while that Stax are 3 times thicker than Pringles.

What is Pringles?

It has been the most proficient snack brand of its own kind, as it is just one of the best-known potato chip snacks, which comes in canister packages. Pringles is a brand of potato and wheat-based fries, which were developed and sold by Procter and Gamble since 1967. Almost as an individual market leader for nearly 4 decades, Lays launched its Stax to compete with Pringles. Hereby, it should also be mentioned that, in 2012, the US-based potato stack brand was sold to the Kellogg company after P&G had great success with it.

What is Lay’s Stax?

Frito Lay’s company was destined to compete with the Pringles, which were the only ones gaining ground and didn’t have such strong competitors. The Lays Stax was then launched in 2003, which consequently performed as strong competitors, although they were never ahead of the Pringles. Lays Stax is manufactured in Mexico. Although, Lays Stax’s business center is also the US And today to get bigger and clearer on the board, they have signed up as an official sponsor of the NFL.

Key differences
  1. Stax comes in the form of a single curve, while Pringles is formed in a double curve known as a hyperbolic paraboloid.
  2. Lay’s Stax is produced by Frito Lay and owned by PepsiCo, while since 2012 Pringles is owned by Kellogg Company.
  3. Pringles were produced on the market in 1967, while Lay’s Stax hit the markets in 2003, after Frito Lay thought about giving Pringles a bad time.
  4. Stax chips are used in plastic packaging, on the other hand, Pringles are packaged in cardboard and metal cans.
  5. Stax Chips have the flavor volume distributed on the inner curves, while Pringles have the maximum flavor distribution on the outer curves.

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