Difference between practicing CrossFit and functional training

When we try to improve our physical condition, we usually look for different options to achieve our goal, one of them is doing exercises, ideally seeking professional help.

Within the gym there are different workouts that have quickly become very popular among bodybuilders and users. This causes certain doubts to arise between these trainings, in this article we will talk about CrossFit and functional training, two practices that are very similar and that generate doubts. These trainings have some differences and that will bring us different benefits.

cross fit

CrossFit can be described as a type of strength training and general physical improvement, which is made up of different varied functional exercises, which must be executed by the trainee at a high intensity. CrossFit is a trademark and its patent is owned by CrossFit Inc, an American company that was founded by Greg Glassman.

The first official CrossFit site took place in California, United States in 1995 and since then more than 2,700 Crossfit boxes have been affiliated as members from 57 countries around the world. At that time, they began to train police officers and later their use was extended to the training of firefighters, military and others, in that country.

Glassman had an idea when after working with several athletes in different gyms, he came up with something to optimize training time and thus the efficiency of the exercises, obtaining maximum results in the shortest time. His method was patented by him, like Crossfit.

Functional training

We can specify functional training as training that is done by concentrating on exercises that are -functional- within people’s daily lives. Therefore, these exercises simulate work and physical movements that as people, we usually perform frequently, whether they are, on a day-to-day basis, at work and even in other sports.

In general, functional training is a fairly personalized training, so each person performs different exercises because each person has different needs. The exercises are performed with the trainee’s own weight and in some cases the use of accessories such as elastic bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, cones, rings, among others, is required.

As an example of functional training, we can find exercises that simulate lifting boxes from the ground, pulling on a pulley, lifting heavy objects from the ground, among many others.

For all the above, we can summarize in the following table, some differences between CrossFit and functional training .

CrossFit Functional training
It is a type of patented training that executes functional exercises at high intensity. It is a type of training that is based on exercises that simulate movements that are used for a person’s day-to-day life.
It is more recommended for people with certain minimal physical abilities. It can be practiced at all ages from children to the elderly.
It has special routines developed and/or adapted by Crossfit Inc. It contemplates training routines, not patented.
CrossFit as such must be practiced in a gym that has a CrossFit Box membership and, therefore, with specialized CrossFit trainers. It can be practiced in a gym with trainers who master functional exercises and some can also be done at home, knowing the techniques.
CrossFit annually holds worldwide events known as CrossFit games to compete for the title of “Fittest Man.” There may be free functional exercise events, but not sponsored by CrossFit Inc.

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