Difference Between Postpaid and Prepaid

Main difference

Both words are quite revealing about what kind of services they are, but there came a time when one asked about the mechanism and strategy of both payment plans. Postpaid is the payment plan that you have to adjust or pay before opting for a service while postpaid is something that you pay after you have used the services in the allotted time, it can be a month or even a 3-month quarterly plan .

What is postpaid?

This is a top priority for business owners as you will get the entire plan or services for one month and not looking for any surprise billing at the end of the month. While using postpaid services, you are given the option to get a plan and you select the best plan entirely based on your usage. For example: If you are purchasing mobile phone services, you should have several options to select from, such as the number of net minutes you want, the amount of Internet, and so on. Somehow, it is convenient for those who don’t want to be tense about the credit on their phone and don’t want to close the phone easily while stuck on the phone.

What is prepaid?

Most students opt for it as it allows them to charge a sufficient amount before they have to avail the services. With this service you can get a minimum charge and get the services according to your needs. The difference in real time in both services is that in prepaid services you pay and then take advantage, while in postpaid services take advantage and then pay. It is convenient in a certain way, since one can get less or more recharges depending on their daily use and in this the users are not obliged to make use of the services at that specific time, since it is being done in postpaid.

Key differences
  1. In prepaid you need to pay before you use, while in postpaid plan you use then pay.
  2. While you get postpaid plans, most of the time you have to deposit an amount as collateral, but this concept is not seen for prepaid users.
  3. Most phones or access devices are also included in your postpaid plan, while prepaid offers must be purchased separately.
  4. When one has to buy the postpaid plan, he has to provide some general information about himself, although this is very uncommon while buying a prepaid plan.
  5. Postpaid is the top priority for entrepreneurs, merchants and distributors, while prepaid is mostly chosen by students.
  6. In postpaid services, you receive an official invoice that can be printed by the service provider, although in prepaid all recharge alerts are sent to you through your device.

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