Difference Between Population and Community

Population and community are two terms commonly used in various fields, among them, for example, they are widely used when talking about demography, which is a science oriented to the statistical study of the human population worldwide and are also terms frequently used in biology.

Human beings as naturally social beings are grouped according to the resolution of problems that concern their food, clothing, affective, economic, spiritual, political and social needs. This is how human settlements arise that are distributed in different countries throughout the world.

In this article we will point out the definitions of population and community, in order to establish and point out the characteristics and differences that exist between these terms.


A population can be defined as a set of individuals of the same species, that is, the human species, distributed throughout the world, in different peoples, communities, countries and nations that make up the human population.

In biology specifically, a population is a group of individuals of the same species, which inhabit a certain space, which is called a biological population. The word population comes from the Latin populatio, which refers to groups of individuals.

In geography and sociology, population is the group of individuals of the same species that inhabit a given territory, but in its most general sense, population refers to the total set of individuals of the same species.

The population is determined through population censuses, which includes the study of inclusions by birth and exclusions by death to establish birth and mortality ratios and to evaluate to that extent the impacts to which the species are subjected.

For example : The global bird population has decreased as a result of climate change.


A community can be defined as a group of people who reside in a certain space and who share common elements such as language, customs, values, among others. A community is created when human groups come together around common goals, so they share ideals, ways of life and patterns of conduct or behavior.

In biology, a community is a set of individuals of different species that interrelate occupying the same area. According to this statement, a community is a set of populations (individuals of the same species) with different characteristics that share or coexist in the same ecosystem.

The word community comes from the Latin -communita- which refers to groups of individuals that reside in a specific area, hence they can be individuals of the same or different species.

For example : A farm is a community made up of ducks, pigs, horses, and humans.

Taking into consideration what was stated above, talking about population and community is not the same and even when various sciences use these terms to refer to certain individuals or groups of individuals, there are differences between them that are indicated below:

Population Community
Population is a set of individuals of the same species. Community is a set of individuals of different species.
The population may be distributed in different localities or places. The communities are located in a certain space.
The population is a set of individuals. The community is a set of populations.

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