Difference Between Polygamy and Bigamy

Main difference

Both words reveal better than what to possess but the turn comes, since polygamy is having more than one spouse at the same time, which can be two, three or even more, but at the same time bigamy is a like in it one has . two spouses at the same time and neither the first nor the second spouse knows the other. In bigamy, this can also be the case where one has not divorced the other before marrying the other.

What is polygamy?

This process allows the couple to have more than one spouse at a time. Although, nowadays this marriage system is not as popular as it used to be in the King-Queen era, as in ancient times kings, queens or other people also preferred this, since with it they also have sex with many officials. especially the servants. they were called Sex Servants. Basically, polygamy can be classified into two groups: polygamy and polyandry. Polygamy is a type of marriage when the husband is married to more than one wife at a time and polygamy is when women marry more than one person at a time. This practice is also called illegal in many of the mentalities, since women biologically cannot have more than one spouse to have a child.

What is bigamy?

This practice is considered a crime or offense at many stages in different countries. Specifically, it’s not about entering a dual marriage status, it’s about maintaining a two-way relationship without keeping it on the prior spouse’s notice. In some positions, such as in Muslims, bigamy is a crime for women to be in a married relationship with two people at the same time, although it is completely legal for men in them. Here it should also be noted that in Muslim societies the man who marries the second wife is not obliged to ask or tell the previous wife about her new relationship.

Key differences

  1. Polygamy is the practice of marrying more than one spouse at a time, while bigamy is marrying two spouses at the same time without telling both of them about their duet marriage relationship.
  2. Polygamy is not considered a crime or a felony in the common mindset while bigamy is considered a crime or a crime all over the world.
  3. In polygamy one can have two or more than two spouses at the same time, on the other hand in bigamy one can have two spouses at the same time.
  4. In polygamy, the spouses know about the multiple marriage status of their partners, while it is not in the mind of the spouses in bigamy that one without saying or realizing that the first partner maintains the relationship with the second spouse.
  5. The spouses do not live under the same roof in a bigamy relationship, while in polygamy the spouses can live under the same roof.

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