Difference Between Political Leadership and Military Leadership

Core difference

There are no significant differences in leadership styles. The fact is that all organizations or institutes, regardless of their field, have different norms, policies and cultures that will end up creating different leaders. Among many leadership styles, it is also important to discuss political leadership and military leadership.

What is political leadership?

Political leadership refers to a person who is the head of a political party involved in making and influencing public policy. Political leadership is a broad term and people who already hold decision-making positions in government are also included in the circle of political leadership. Ethical and cultural character with followers and nation, personality and traits are the main factors that define political leadership. In democratic states or countries, political leadership is above military, legal, organizational, religious, and ideological leadership. Some of the academics are of the opinion that political leadership is all leadership that is superimposed on other higher levels of leadership.

What is military leadership?

Military leadership refers to senior military leaders such as admirals, generals, air marshals, and those military leaders with strategic influence. It is a process of influencing others to complete the assigned task by providing relevant direction and purpose. The military leader has the authority according to the law and can exercise it over his subordinates according to his rank or position. The military leadership is responsible for the fulfillment of the defense mission and the well-being of the soldiers. You are likely to be loyal, selfless, and obedient to the nation, the military, and the unit.

Key differences
  1. The political leadership comes to power through an electoral process and the military leadership comes into position through a complete process of promotion of the military.
  2. The political leadership is elected by the people and the main military leadership positions are decided primarily by the prime minister or president.
  3. Political leadership overlaps all higher leaders such as military leadership, legal leadership, religious leadership, etc. Thus, military leaders come under the umbrella of political leadership.
  4. The political leadership is responsible for the welfare of the society, while the military leadership can make the defense of the country as strong as possible.

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