Difference between Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

As many know, Pokemon is a Nintendo brand RPG video game that is very popular for its characteristic characters. This saga has been entertaining all kinds of audiences for 20 years and has been present on practically all of its consoles.

Currently, its most recent titles for Nintendo 3DS are Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, which went on sale in Europe in November 2016. As you can imagine, these new releases can generate some curiosity in buyers with regarding the novelties that each one can present.

On this occasion it is in our interest to help characterize these titles in order to be able to differentiate them and thus, in some way, help buyers to make a good decision as to which of them to acquire according to their tastes.

Among the novelties that are presented in these deliveries we can find new pokémons and a more detailed Alola island . Likewise, although the same Pokémon are usually found in both versions, some of them are exclusive to each version, such as the legendary ones and approximately 20 others. We will mention them below:

pokemon sun

Among the Pokémon Sol exclusive we can find: Flygon, Cranidos, Turtonator, Passimiam Garchomp, Trapinch Vulpix, Ninetails Vibrava, Rampardos Tirtouga, Carracosta Gible, Gabite UB-02 Absorption, Lycanroc Cottonee, Whimsicott Rufflet and Braviary.

Likewise, it is known that the legendary Pokémon that will be exclusive to Pokémon Sol is called Solgaleo. A Pokémon that will be the god of the game in this case. It has a body that has a large amount of energy and has a special attack that is a super bright meteor that destroys everything in its path.

Another feature of Pokémon Sun is that the current time of the Nintendo 3DS is taken into account and there should be no time difference with respect to real life, so if it is daytime in the real world, it will also be daytime in the game.

pokemon moon

Among the Pokémon Luna exclusive Pokémon we can find: Archeops, Sandshrew, Lycanroc, Mandibuzz, Drampa, Metang, Sliggoo, Beldum, Bastiodon, Metagross, Oranguru, UB-02 Beauty, Goomy, Archen, Shieldon, Lilligant, Goodra, Sandlash, Petilil and Vullaby

In the case of Pokemon Moon, the Legendary Pokemon for this version is called Lunala. This Pokémon is capable of absorbing light to transform it into energy. No one can block his special attack which is a very powerful light beam.

Among other differences that we can find is that the Pokémon Moon will have 12 additional hours with respect to the time that the Nintendo 3DS has programmed, in such a way that, in the game, it will be at night when in real life it is day.

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