Difference between Poetry and Poem

They are literary genres of different sets or categories in which literary works are classified according to their content, form or structure. One of the literary genres of greatest aesthetic beauty is poetry, which are compositions written with different structures.

Both terms are loosely related to each other. It is of great importance to define each of them in order to clarify certain doubts in the reader regarding the differences.


It is a literary genre that differs for being the oral or written expression of the emotions, feelings and reflections of an individual. The word poetry comes from the Latin word (poesis), which in turn emanates from a Greek word whose meaning is creation.

It is the art of expressing some feelings or emotions with beautiful words using the beauty of nature with the feelings of the poet. Poetry is usually expressed in prose but it can also be in verse, that is, naturally without being subject or being subject to rhythm and rhyme, as well as natural sentences or short phrases.


It is a literary composition that stands out for being structured in verse, that is, it has a rhythmic structure that expresses the emotions, feelings and sensations of the person who forms it.

It is located within the literary genre of poetry and can be composed both in verse and in prose, deducing as verse a group of words subject to a fixed rhythm and measure and prose to an expression that is not subject to measure.

Differences between Poetry and Poem

  • Poetry provides an extensive concept because it encompasses the set of literary texts written in verse or prose.
    The poem alludes to a particular work.
  • Poetry refers to a group of poetic works.
    The poem usually to a specific work.
  • Poetry is an art that deals in the composition of poems.
    The poem is a work that arises from the exercise of poetry.
  • Poetry is (feelings, emotions, places, experiences, etc.), which inspires the writer.
    The poem is the result of that inspiration expressed verbally or in writing.

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