Difference between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim

PlayStation 4, also known as PS4, is an eighth-generation video game console of the PlayStation model developed by the Sony brand. These consoles have been progressively updated, incorporating new technological innovations, which has allowed it to increase its productivity and competitiveness in the video game market.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim are two very advanced models that have some differences as a result of technological advances and variations in design and applications that they have. In this article we will define each one of them and point out their basic characteristics so that readers can have more knowledge about the technical details and can make the best decision when purchasing these products.

Playstation 4

PlayStation 4 is a video game console promoted by the Sony company, which has the following characteristics:

Processor with an AMD ‘Jaguar’ x 86-64 8-core model CPU, it has 8 GB memory and variable storage capacity according to its two presentations, one with 500 GB and the other with 1 TB of storage. Likewise, the PlayStation 4 has approximate dimensions of 275 mm wide x 53 mm high and 305 mm long and weighs approximately 2.8 kg, with the power consumption of the original PS4 being 250W.

Another aspect of great importance is that the PlayStation 4 has a power of 1.84 Teraflops, this is a determining factor for the resolution of the videos, so its fluidity and details are excellent. The PlayStation 4 is also a console that has optical audio output, which represented a great technological advance for this type of technological device compared to its predecessors.

playstation 4 slim

The PlayStation 4 Slim is a variant of the original PlayStation 4, which is a more advanced and reduced model of the PlayStation 4 console that has the following features:

AMD ‘Jaguar’ x 86-64 8-core processor, 8 GB memory and also comes in two models, one provided with 500 GB of storage and another with a 1 TB storage capacity. Regarding the size, this redesign decreases by 30% and the weight by approximately 16%, therefore, its approximate dimensions are 265 mm wide, 39 mm high and 288 mm long and the weight is approximately 2.1kg

The power consumption of the PlayStation 4 Slim is 165W, so it is considered more efficient, less noisy and lower working temperature. The PlayStation 4 Slim does not have an optical audio output, therefore, one aspect less in favor than the PlayStation 4. It has an HDMI connection and a software update to support HDR technology.

According to the characteristics indicated above, the following differences between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim are presented:

  • The power consumption of the PlayStation 4 Slim console is lower (165 W) than the PlayStation 4 (250 W), so it is more efficient.
  • The PlayStation 4 has an optical audio output while the PlayStation 4 Slim does not, which may turn out to be a less favorable aspect.
  • The PlayStation 4 is a larger and heavier console than the PlayStation 4 Slim. (approximately 33% heavier and 36% wider).
  • The USB ports on the PlayStation 4 Slim are version 3.1 while those on the PlayStation 4 are version 3.0.
  • The Bluetooth of the PlayStation 4 Slim is of version 2.1 while those of the PlayStation 4 are of version 4.0.

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