Difference Between Personality and Character

When we talk about a person’s way of being, we usually talk about their character and personality. Both indicators identify the person in relation to dealing with others, their way of thinking, feeling and acting in the different situations that arise in life and in their daily lives.

In this sense, personality and character are also terms that are often confused, so it is common to refer to someone’s personality when talking about their character, but in reality, they are different factors and it is convenient to differentiate them to know what each is about. one of them.


The word personality comes from the Latin word -personare-, referring to the way in which a person is perceived by others. We can say that personality is the set of emotions, knowledge and behaviors that determine the behavior patterns of an individual. It is determined by biological basis or temperament and by environmental influences or character.

On the other hand, personality is manifested through the behavior of an individual and is made up of the behavioral manifestations that identify the person, in their daily actions and in the various situations that arise throughout life. Next, personality is dynamic because it is constantly subject to changes and variations, while preserving its identity or essence, so it is variable but not totally modifiable.

Additionally, it must be said that personality is associated with behavior, since it manifests itself through it. There are different theories to define personality, some of them have a biological approach and highlight the determining role of genetic inheritance, which greatly influences the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems and others are focused on situational models that highlight the environmental, social and cultural influence as a determining factor for the conformation of the personality.

Finally, there are different types of personality, however, they are not unique ways of identifying a person, but in general, one can distinguish the reforming, possessive, idealistic, enthusiastic, defiant, individualistic, competitive, peacemaker, altruistic, loyal and pacifist, among others.


The word character comes from the Greek -kharasso-, referring to marking and characterizing, that is, defining. Character is the set of qualities or circumstances of a person and that distinguishes them by their way of being before others. Character is the learned component of personality, meaning that it is formed based on lived experiences, which influence our way of being and shape the temperament that is the predisposition or biological tendency.

Therefore, the character is modifiable, since it is susceptible to being modified by environmental, social, cultural factors, situations and experiences. There are different types of character, which largely determine the behavior of the person in various situations, among which we can mention the nervous, passionate, choleric, sentimental, phlegmatic or apathetic character, among others.

As can be seen, there are important differences between personality and character, which are summarized in the following table:

Personality Character
It is a set of emotions, character and behaviors of the person. It is a component of personality.
It is variable but not totally modifiable. It is modifiable depending on the experiences.
It is determined by genetic inheritance and environmental, social and cultural factors. It is determined by environmental, social, cultural factors and experiences.

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