Difference between Person and Human Being

The human being is an animal belonging to the family of hominids that began to be distinguished from other primates thousands of years ago due to its capacity for reasoning. This reasoning gave the human being the tools to quickly highlight and dominate over other animals and even over the environment that surrounded him.

On the other hand, although without going too far, the definition of a person can be said to harbor the unique and particular qualities that define each of the individuals that make up the human species. The set of people in turn forms cultures, which are distinguished from each other by various aspects, such as their beliefs, visions, traditions, customs, etc.

The human being and the person, in any case, make up the human species in its entirety. These are concepts that together describe each of the biological, historical and cultural aspects (among many others) that have shaped the history of humanity and have allowed man to get to where he is today. .

Comparison table

Human being
Definition Man. Animal belonging to the Homo Sapiens species . This species of the order of primates and family of hominids corresponds to modern man (and woman). The human being is characterized by having extraordinary intellectual capacities. Among these are the use of complex linguistic structures, logic, mathematics, science and technology, all kinds of artistic expressions, etc. A person is an individual of the human species. This concept is defined as being endowed with reason, self-aware and having its own identity. This concept encompasses cultural aspects, traditions, customs, psychology and other aspects that define each person as an individual within a society. It is evident, therefore, that the concept of person is rather philosophical.
Is force used? The human being is within its generality, the case that houses all the aspects that define one and all people. However, it can be said that it is mainly defined from the biological, chemical and evolutionary aspect. On the other hand, the concept of person is totally unique for each of the individuals that make up the human species. Each of these individuals, as well as the groups of people, are defined from the religious, philosophical and cultural aspects of each civilization.

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