Difference between Permanent and Indefinite Labor Personnel

In any type of organization, various tasks and activities are carried out that lead to positive or negative results for the same, where the quality and quantity of these are fundamentally due to the functions that they are in charge of and that, in some way, the employees of the organization perform. this organization.

In this sense, the effective functioning of an organization will depend considerably on the type of personnel that works in it, not only in terms of their skills and knowledge, but also the time in which they perform a specific task. Thus, the collective of public administration workers who have signed an employment contract, providing their services subject to labor law, is known as labor personnel.

The labor personnel constitute what is considered a public function, because they serve the general interest, establishing themselves as part of the organizational structure of the public administration. Then, according to their type of contract, they can be permanent employees for an indefinite period of time or temporary employees with a fixed-term employment contract.

That said, a detailed description of permanent and indefinite labor personnel is given below, in order to establish some characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

Permanent Labor Staff

Permanent staff positions are covered through competitive examinations, competitive examinations or merit-based examinations, and their final admission may be subject to carrying out internships within a certain period of time. In this aspect, the term of opposition refers to the performance of one or several tests to investigate and know the capacity and aptitude of the applicants for the position that is in competition and thus, establish their order of priority.

Indefinite Labor Personnel

Indefinite labor personnel are those who have a contractual relationship within the public administration but on a temporary basis, since their entry is not made through selection tests or merit or opposition contests. In that sense, if their position is put out to tender, they automatically lose their place. In that sense, this type of personnel does not enjoy all the benefits that the public administration can offer, since they are not on a fixed staff or payroll.

So, given that within a company or public administration organization there are several types of personnel and that each one corresponds to a type of contract, some differences between permanent and indefinite labor personnel are distinguished below:

  • Permanent employees enjoy contractual benefits from the public administration, while permanent employees do not have benefits because they do not belong to a payroll.
  • The permanent workforce enters the public administration through opposition, competition – opposition or merit competition, while permanent staff do not carry out this type of test for their selection and entry.
  • The contract of indefinite labor personnel is temporary while permanent labor personnel is not.
  • Permanent staff never lose their position, since they do not go out to tender, while permanent staff do lose it.a

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