Difference between Perfume and Lotion

Lotion and perfume are personal hygiene and beauty items. Both are about preparations whose ultimate purpose is precisely to perfume. Both are often confused and interchanged with each other. However, they are different products.

Comparison table

What is it? It is an aromatic substance. People use it in order to give off a pleasant smell. This is usually liquid, although there are also solid perfumes. There are several types of perfumes, whose names change according to their concentration level. A lotion is similar to a perfume. It is also a liquid with a little fragrance. However, its main purpose is not to perfume, but to refresh a man’s face after shaving and help the skin to heal, avoiding infections.
Who uses it? As for perfumes, these are used by both men and women. As for lotions, lotions are used by men.
When is it used? As for the perfume, it can be used at any time. Many people prefer to use it after bathing or before going out. Whatever the case, this totally depends on who uses it. Lotions are usually used after shaving. A lotion contains high amounts of alcohol, so it helps to cool the skin. In addition, alcohol helps prevent possible skin infections caused by the small wounds that the rake leaves in its wake.
concentration level Perfumes have between 15% and 40% concentration of the extract (essence) dissolved in a combination of water and alcohol. On the other hand, a lotion contains between 7% and 15% concentration of the extract (essence) dissolved in water and alcohol.
Duration The perfume is made in such a way that the scent lasts more than a couple of hours. Due to the low level of extract contained in a lotion, it only lasts for a couple of hours at most.

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