Difference between Pastelillo and Empanadilla

When talking about pastelillos or empanadillas, it is most likely that we are talking about two different Latin American dishes. It is worth mentioning that the meaning of either of these two words can change depending on the geographical area. For example, a pastelillo is not the same in Puerto Rico as it is in Mexico, where they are called pastes. Also, empanadillas in most Latin American countries are better known as empanadas.

Comparison chart

What is it? (Puerto Rico) In southwestern Puerto Rico, pastelillos are small sponge cakes filled with guava that are sprinkled with sugar on top. To the west of the island, on the other hand, an empanadilla is that empanada in the shape of a half moon. 

Their edges are usually braided or have been flattened with a fork.

dough type Puff pastry is used to make the cupcakes. Dough prepared from wheat flour, butter, water and salt.
Filling Pastelillos almost always have sweet fillings, although they can also be filled with savory ones, such as meat. On the other hand, the empanadillas can be filled with chicken, meat, cheese or ingredients similar to those of pizza.

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