Difference between a Parrot and a Parakeet

The term parrot refers to an order of birds that encompasses many species, among which are parakeets. It is worth mentioning that along with parakeets and other birds of this order, there is a species that is called, like the order, parrots. Mainly from this double classification comes the confusion and the use of these names as synonyms, even when they are not.

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Introduction The order of parrots is made up of more than 350 species of birds, among which are macaws (or macaws), cockatoos, parakeets, parakeets and lovebirds, among others. One of the most remarkable characteristics of these birds is their popularity as pets, because despite being wild animals they are extremely intelligent and, according to many people, excellent companions.
As mentioned above, within this order there is a species also called parrots (which includes the African gray parrot).
On the other hand, there are about 120 species of parakeets, members of the parrot order. Among these are the cockatoo, the Australian parakeet and the parrots. Parakeets are precisely the most popular among parrots to have as pets. Many types of parakeets and parrots are classified as threatened or at risk of extinction precisely because of this.
Geographical distribution Its natural geographical distribution covers practically the entire world: America, Africa, Oceania and Asia. They are found especially in areas near the equator, although there are parrots that live in desert areas or cold areas (such as the north of the United States and Canada). They are mainly distributed in Australia, Asia and South America. Due to their popularity they can be found all over the world in captivity. Due to the voluntary or involuntary release of these, they can even be found in the wild in some areas of North America and Europe.
taxonomy Order of the Psittaciformes .
Family of the Psittacidae and the Psittrichasiidae .
Order of the Psittaciformes (parrots).
Family of the Psittaculidae.
  • They are also known as parrots
  • They have curved beaks
  • They have four toes on each foot.
  • They feed on fruit, flowers, seeds and some insects.
  • They have a wide variety of bright and striking colors
  • They can mimic human vocalizations and have a wide vocal range.
  • Parrots are larger than parakeets. They also tend to have longer tails and square at the tips.
  • They are generally smaller than parrots
  • They also have curved beaks and four toes on each foot.
  • Their tails are slightly shorter than those of parrots and end in a point
  • Parakeets are birds that usually live in flocks, while parrots are comfortable with a little more independence
  • They learn to repeat words easily
  • They are highly intelligent birds.

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