Difference between Owl and Barn Owl

Did you know that owls and barn owls are birds that belong to the strigiformes category? That is, they are nocturnal birds of prey. Despite these and other similarities, they are not the same, and today we are going to see the main differences between an owl and a barn owl.

What is an Owl?

An owl is a predatory bird, they can be tamed if you know how to handle them. In various cultures it is considered a symbol of wisdom.

They can make characteristic sounds at night and this is how they can be identified. It is not a bird that is seen so often, but at night it can be located.

There are two types of owls, mainly the difference between one type and another is the size, the largest can reach 28 inches, the colors also vary, but the shades are unique and they can camouflage themselves at night.

What is an owl?

As already mentioned, it is a carnivorous and nocturnal bird of prey, the difference with the owl is that the owl does not have feathers on its head that give it the shape of ears.

They usually live alone, their collective name is Parliament. Their night vision is superior to many animals and they are able to catch their prey through sound and hunt animals in the snow.

It is the size between a sparrow and an eagle, to get an idea. It has highly developed claws, it has beautiful and spectacular plumage, its flight is silent. His face is shaped like a flattened heart. On it it has rigid feathers that allow it to identify and detect its prey when it catches them.

Difference between Owl and Barn Owl

  • An owl looks for holes in the trees to deposit their eggs, however, they are not able to control the number of eggs they lay. In addition, it must be added that both the male and the female only come together during the mating season, which is why they are considered very independent birds. An owl , on the other hand , is more intelligent, since when they see that food is scarce they are able to control the eggs they lay, and an owl does not build nests, but instead occupies the one that other species have made.
  • An owl , hunts small mammals such as lizards, insects, etc. While the owl , because it is a large predator, hunts even other owls and birds of prey, it also feeds on rodents or foxes.

Difference between owl and owl?

Screech owls have the same order and family as owls. The main physical characteristic that differentiates owls from barn owls is the raised feathers simulating the ears. … Therefore, it can be said that owls have the same physical and behavioral characteristics as an owl

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