Difference between Outlook and Outlook Express

Main difference

Microsoft is not just the name of a corporation, it is the name of an entrepreneurial soul. In this article I will talk about its family member, Outlook. This family member was developed to carry your important messages and files all over the world. It is an email office and locker, which saves all your record and sends it to your destination as per your request. Below are the differences between Outlook and Outlook Express.

What is Outlook?

Outlook is Microsoft’s first messaging service and client. It is a single application, which is integrated with MS Office and MS Exchange Server. This is a perfect service for business and professional users. It gives you functions of calendar, contacts, tasks and email accounts. Inbox gives you options to filter your emails and remove unnecessary ones. You can send an email to multiple groups with one click. Voicemails, vCalendar, iCalendar, LDAP, HTML, news will make this product beneficial for you. You can develop your own custom software with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio.

What is Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is an email service provided by Microsoft in the form of MS Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, MS Win 98 OS, 200 OS, and MS Win Millennium Edition. This product is designed for home users. Through this service, the individual can access their emails by having an Internet connection. Multiple languages ​​and supported protocols are built in for the convenience of sending and receiving emails. With the help of new features, you can import your emails, contacts, addresses from MS Exchange Server, Eudora and Netscape. In box gives you full access to manage your emails in any way. Either you want to filter the emails or you want to move them to a specific folder which will be available in Outlook Express. With updated HTML you can organize your backgrounds and graphics. For special occasions designed stationery is also added.

Key differences
  1. Outlook Express is designed for home users while Outlook is developed for business and corporate users.
  2. Outlook features are more than Outlook Express. Outlook provides you with calendar, task list, journal, auto backup features, which are not available in Outlook Express.
  3. Outlook is more sophisticated about incoming and outgoing emails and also keeps an eye on spam. Outlook Express filters only incoming mail and never worries about spam.
  4. In Outlook you can store messages and their settings on the server, which is not provided by Outlook Express.
  5. In addition to the nine supported protocols common to both services, Outlook supports six additional protocols, which are MAOI, MIME, vCalendar, vCard, iCalendar, and fully supported HTML mail.
  6. Outlook can be easily combined with other products like MS Word. You can merge an email in MS Word. Outlook Express does not interact with other MS Office programs or products.
  7. The Outlook file format is .pst and the Outlook Express file format is .dbx.

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