Difference between official and public servant

Main difference

People often get confused trying to differentiate between the two terms, civil servant and civil servant. Apart from many similarities, both have a great difference that clearly differentiates them. Civil Servant and Civil Servant are both government jobs, although people in both are appointed through totally different employers. Civil servants are chosen by government departments through competitive examinations such as the Public Service Commission and Central Service Commission, while civil servants are chosen through written tests and department interviews. Public officials are the bureaucratic class that are always appointed for white collar work. In the case of Public Servant,

Comparison chart

Official Public server
opted for Public officials are selected through competitions. Public servants are selected through some test or departmental interviews.
Position Civil servants are the appointed employees in the higher ranks. Civil servants are employed in the upper and lower ranks.
Kind of job Always white collar. It can be both blue collar and white collar.
Salary plus benefits and privileges Plus Less
nepotism or favoritism No, it’s entirely on merit. Can be
Education highly educated It can be so much, highly educated for just a common literate.
Responsibility Plus Less

What is public official?

The person elected through the Public Service Commission, the Central Service Commission or any other competitive examination for the government position is called a civil servant. The best brains compete against each other in the competitive exams, as the jobs of the bureaucratic class are offered. In addition, the official is designated as a first level in different organizations or departments. Experts in their field with extra intelligence are usually appointed as civil servants after proving themselves in a competitive exam. Like the common mentality, nepotism and favoritism have nothing to do while one is chosen as an official, it depends entirely on merit. Generally, public officials are the main leaders of their organizations, who lead from the front to serve the public. Public servants are government employees, such as civil servants.

What is public servant?

They are people appointed to government jobs with the goal of serving the public, although the jobs being appointed can be both white-collar and blue-collar. They serve in the higher ranks and are also designated as workers. Like a bank manager, he is the public servant, and so is the guard outside of that bank. Public servants are employed after passing the department test or sometimes the interview even makes them eligible for the job. All professionals in government positions are evaluated as public servants, the public servant is one more type of public servant, since both work in the ranks of the government to serve the public. In some situations,

civil servant vs. public server

  • Civil servants are the first class bureaucratic employees, while a civil servant can be in the top positions and even in the working class.
  • Civil servants are the appointed employees at the higher ranks, while civil servants are employed at the higher and lower ranks.
  • Civil servants are always appointed to white-collar work, while civil servants can be appointed to both white-collar and blue-collar work.
  • Generally, public servants have more salaries and facilities than public servants.
  • The public official is appointed solely on merit, while nepotism and favoritism can work for the appointment of a public official.
  • Civil servants are always highly educated, although an intermediate pass may be a civil servant.
  • Since civil servants are at the top of organizations or departments, they have more responsibility than civil servants.

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