Difference between Nuez de Castilla and Nuez Pecana

Walnuts are some of the most popular and consumed nuts around the world. These are appreciated due to their rich nutritional contributions; Walnuts are usually rich in antioxidants, fatty acids , and protein. There are many types of nuts, among which, two of the most popular are the Castile nut and the pecan nut.

Comparison chart

pecan nut
Description Round on the outside, inside they are irregular, physically similar to a rounded brain. Its shell is very hard. They are not so easy to get in supermarkets, it is almost always necessary to visit specialized stores to get them. Compared to the walnut, the pecan is elongated. In the same way, inside it retains its shape similar to a brain longer than round. Its shell is hard, but not so much with that of the Castile nut.
Where is it originally from? The common walnut, or Spanish walnut, which is the tree that bears these fruits, is native to the Middle East. As for the pecan nut, it is native to the southern United States and the northern part of Mexico.
Flavor Its flavor can be described as sweet and light. The outer layer is usually bitter, so it is necessary to remove it before consuming the nut. Many describe this nut as much sweeter than the Castile nut. In addition, its consistency is usually described as creamy. It is bright brown.
Producing countries Countries such as Romania, China, the United States, Iran, Mexico and Turkey are among the largest producers of walnuts in the world. As for the pecan, the main producers include Spain, Mexico, the United States, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Egypt and Israel.
Name in english walnut pecan nuts

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