Difference Between Netflix and Hulu Plus

Main difference

The main difference between these two video-on-demand and streaming media services is that Netflix’s entertainment is more focused on movies compared to TV shows which are optimized entertainment offered by Hulu Plus.

Comparison chart

Base Netflix HuluPlus
Definition Netflix is ​​an online video-on-demand service provider that offers streaming of a wide range of TV shows and movies. Hulu Plus is a streaming media and video-on-demand service offered by Hulu
entertainment mode Online Video On Demand, Online Streaming Media, and DVD by Mail Video on demand and online media streaming
primary areas Both movies and TV shows, but they focus more on the movies. Both movies and TV shows, but they concentrate more on TV shows.
subscription plans Three: basic, standard and premium Two: limited commercials and no commercials
Record Registration is required Hulu Free is free, but Hulu Plus requires a membership
Services Film distribution, film production and television production Digital distribution, television production, multimedia service provider and web syndication
Products Media, video-on-demand and streaming service providers Video on demand, TV on demand and streaming media
Service areas Worldwide except mainland China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria United States and Japan only

What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​a leading provider of streaming media and video-on-demand services, offering its streaming services in almost every country except parts of China, North Korea, and Syria. In addition, it has a DVD by mail service. Recently Netflix has made its service worldwide along with a one-month free trial without any credit card requirement or commitment. In addition to film and television production, it now also offers online distribution. Even though it has thousands of top-rated movies, premium TV programming, and current seasons, its emphasis is more on movies and movies. In fact, most of the users use it for their premium and recently released movies. Its three main subscription plans are Netflix Basic, Netflix Standard and Netflix Premium, which are available at a monthly price of €7.99, €9.99 and €11.99. Prices vary due to availability of HD and Ultra HD quality. Additionally, Netflix streaming services can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. It also now offers support for set-top boxes that allow users to easily switch from live TV to Netflix from the set-top box.

What is HuluPlus?

Hulu Plus is a streaming media and video-on-demand service offered by Hulu. It is said to be one of the best repositories on the Internet that offers the best of movies, seasonal programming, movies, premium original content and much more. However, its emphasis more on TV shows, full seasons, hit series, and current season programming. The two major subscription plans that Hulu Plus offers are Hulu Plus with Limited Commercials and Hulu Plus with Commercials. The monthly prices for these plans are €7.99 and €11.99 per month respectively. Hulu Plus is widely said to offer current season programming and recent TV shows the day after new episodes air. Its support is widely available for almost all devices, portable devices, operating systems, game consoles and network compatible devices. But nevertheless,

Key differences

  1. Although both Netflix and Hulu Plus offer a wide range of movies, TV shows, shows, seasons, and much more, Netflix focuses more on movies while Hulu Plus concentrates more on TV shows, TV shows, and seasons. .
  2. Netflix is ​​more popular and its website is more visited compared to Hulu Plus. Alex’s current rank on Netflix is ​​40 compared to 550 on Hulu Plus.
  3. Netflix does not have any commercial system, while Hulu Plus has two plans: limited commercials and no commercials. Also, both plans require memberships.
  4. Netflix offers a one-month free trial, while Hulu Plus offers a one-week free trial.
  5. The eligible returning Hulu Plus subscriber can take advantage of a one-week free trial again, while the returning subscriber can take advantage of the one-month free trial a second time.
  6. Recently, Netflix has made its service worldwide, while Hulu Plus still offers its services only in the United States and Japan.
  7. Netflix has 90 million registered users worldwide, while Hulu Plus has 12 million users in the United States and Japan alone.
  8. Netflix offers up to 1080p video quality subject to the subscriber’s Internet speed, while Hulu Plus offers 720p video quality.
  9. Hulu Plus currently offers stereo sound quality, while Netflix content comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1 encoded qualities.
  10. Most of today’s smart TVs already have Netflix and are ready to watch. While in the case of Hulu Plus, some Smart TVs need to add it first.
  11. Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are available for almost all portable devices, but Netflix is ​​also available for set-top boxes.

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