Difference between MS Office Student and MS Office Professional

Main difference

Saying this is not wrong that today MS Office is the essential part for writing and editing. It is equally essential for students and professionals. Report, memorandum, agenda, minutes of the meeting, notification and drafting of letters, editing and editing of images, presentation of data through slides, graphs and tables, preparation of balance statements, profit and loss account, statement of cash flow, sales and purchases Records, inventory management, etc. it was not an easy job before MS Office. In short, MS Office is a platform that facilitates users from all fields. In this topic we will draw a line between MS Office for students and professionals.

What is MS Office Student?

MS Office Student is basically developed for students, teachers and schools. It is available free of charge to students. But MS Office doesn’t offer this directly. It will provide the configuration after verifying that your school is included in the eligible schools in its database. Insert your school email address and check availability. If your school is listed, you will be provided with a new version of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher along with multiple apps for Windows tablets and iPads. Additionally, 1TB of OneDrive will be available at no cost. If your school is not among the list of eligible schools, you will have to pay €139.99 for setup and along with all the features,

What is MS Office Professional?

MS Office Professional is the most advanced and feature rich software than MS Office Student. It is specially designed for professionals and entrepreneurs from all fields. MS Word 2013, Excel 13, PowerPoint 13, Outlook 13, Publisher 13, and Access 13 are included in the Office Suite. You will be given 15GB free online storage without any account. All kinds of office work can be easily done in this setup. There are many options in the form of database management system, desktop publishing software, diagramming software, email client, formula editor, HTML editor, image viewer, note taking software, presentation software, management software. project manager, spreadsheet program, etc.

Key differences

  1. Both MS Office students and professionals are one-stop-shop software. The MS Office Student package is available for €1,399.99, while the MS Office Professional package costs €399.99.
  2. MS Office Student can be used for students only or at home while MS Office Professional is one step ahead of MS Office Student. It can be used for both home and business.
  3. MS Office Professional has five additional features, which makes it different from MS Office Student. These are database management system, desktop publishing software, layout software, email client, image viewer, and project management software.
  4. If you talk about technical support, MS Office Professional offers technical support for one year after purchase and MS Office Student offers technical support for 90 days after purchase.
  5. MS Office Student offers OneDrive or SkyDrive, touch device, and Windows 8 support, which is not available in MS Office Professional.
  6. MS Office Student does not have features of Outlook, Access and Publisher, which are available in MS Office Professional.

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