Difference Between Motto and Tagline

Main difference

The main difference between Motto and Slogan is that Motto is an expression that people use to idealize while Slogan is a short and captivating expression.

motto against motto

Lemma is based on the principles of the institutions and the formal rules on which they are based. A slogan is a promotional tool; companies use for marketing. The motto describes the quality of an individual or an organization, while the slogans represent the products and amenities of an organization. The tagline counts as a mission statement meaning it is work that people do to better position themselves for your company. A slogan is a group of words that people use at rallies, political parties, religious organizations to inspire their target community.

The motto is written words; on the contrary, the motto is usually words. The motto describes the purpose of an individual or an organization, while the motto advertises certain brands. The motto is a long and complete statement. The motto is a short and concise phrase.

People can use the slogan to idealize and achieve that position, while religious parties and the media use slogans to attract people. Motto used to gain the loyalty of workers. Slogans attract customers and investors for a company. The motto can be of an individual, country, state, families or companies. The slogans are mainly for parties and rallies.

Comparison chart

Motto Slogan
The motto is a set of beliefs, principles and ideas. The slogan is a set of words that attract people’s attention.
Quality Products
mission status shout phrase
written phrase words of mouth
It is not used for advertisements. used for advertisements
long phrase short phrase
Use for
individuals, organizations Institutions, religious festivals
Be brave life is good lg
What is the motto?

The motto originates from the Latin word “muttum”. The motto is an expression of orientation for an individual. Urges people to complete desired tasks. The motto can be a belief, an idea or some principles of people or companies. People set their ideals and work hard to become like them. It is a motivation for families, social groups and communities. The motto is always written like a company logo. It is found in old ways and can bring about changes or sometimes wars.

The main features of the motto are that it supports the change of routine work, urges people to know their skills and the purpose of their existence, motivates people to generate new ideas, and increases the production of a company’s work. A tagline is short and comprehensive that inspires customers or people in the community. Some of the simple mottos that inspire an individual include “be brave”, “always tell the truth” and “time and tide wait for none”.

Slogans work to attract customers or certain target groups. It is simply an inspiration to work towards the desired goal. Motto negotiates the quality of a company and says how it works. The great leader Quaid-e-Azam has the motto “Work, work and work”, which inspires the nation to work better for their country. The motto can be of an individual, a company, a state or a country.


  • Adidas: Impossible is nothing
  • Honda: the power of dreams
  • IBM: Think
  • Apple: think different
  • Carnegie-Mellon University: My heart is in work
  • K. SAS Regiment: Who dares wins
  • Ford: quality is job one

What is a motto?

The slogan is an expression that attracts attention and is used for the advertising of products and offers of an institute or a brand. Slogans are often created from religious parties, political parties, the media, rallies, and many more. These are spoken phrases that are not written but are words to hear. The motto is an eye-catching slogan for specific community goals. Slogans work to draw people’s minds towards a specific goal. The main attributes of the slogan are that it is short and to the point, unforgettable, and appealing to viewers.

Brands use slogans for their advertising. It attracts people to pursue their goals and future prospects. The slogans keep the staff working honestly for the progress of the institution. It is a powerful promotional weapon for a company. All business goes through public billboards. It is simple compared to a slogan. Some religious mottos are: “Be kind to all creatures, this is the true religion” (Buddha), “The best wealth is the wealth of the soul” (Prophet Muhammad), “Faith over fear”, “Wash your hands and pray Jesus and germs are everywhere”, and many more, showing the right way.


  • Microsoft: I know what’s next
  • Yahoo: Yahoo?
  • Coca Cola: Taste the feeling
  • Obama Campaign: Yes, we can and we believe in change
  • KFC – Finger Lickin’ Good
  • McDonald’s – I love it
  • Google: do it wrong and do it right
  • L’Oreal Paris: because you are different
  • Tesco: Every Little Help

Key differences

  1. Motto is a formal belief or morality of an individual or an organization while motto is a motivational phrase.
  2. The tagline negotiates quality, while taglines describe the products and services of an ad.
  3. The motto is made up of mission statement; conversely, the motto consists of words of tears.
  4. The motto is written statements; on the other hand, a slogan is a word you hear.
  5. The purpose of Motto is to idealize, while the purpose of the slogan is the promotion and advertisement of companies.
  6. The motto is of long expression; on the other hand, the motto is brief.
  7. The motto expressions are for individuals and organizations; conversely, religious parties mainly use slogans.
  8. The motto may be “be brave”, while the LG brand motto is “Life is good”.

Final Thought

Both motto and tagline are mission statements, but motto is a long written phrase of individuals or companies while slogans are short words that attract people’s mind to the organization.

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