Differences between Monarchy and Republic

The origins of the monarchy are usually very remote and therefore, over time, many monarchs have held the positions of heads of state, for which many pretended to possess a presumed divinity to govern. For example, in Egypt, the pharaoh was considered among the Egyptians as a deity or a god.

However, with the passing of time, other forms of government emerged, such as the republic, and despite the fact that it is the most common form of government among contemporary countries, there are still countries that are governed under a monarchy. Therefore, it is of our vital interest to show the differences between these two forms of government in this article, such as the monarchy and the republic.


We can say that the monarchy is a form of government that is based on a head of state who is called a monarch, who governs personally and who in turn remains in office for life. Generally, the monarch is appointed by inheritance. Therefore, power is concentrated in one person.

In the same order of ideas, in a monarchy citizens can have privileges and special rights if the monarch considers it so and therefore, not all citizens received the same treatment before the law.

Currently there are different types of monarchies, among some of them:

Absolute Monarchy : The monarch’s power is not limited in any way. For example: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Swaziland.

Constitutional monarchy : it is a form of government where the power of the monarch is regulated by the constitution. For example: Denmark, Monaco, Norway, United Kingdom.

Parliamentary monarchy : it is the form of government in which the monarch exercises power under the control of the legislative and executive powers, therefore, the role of the king is regulated by parliament. For example: Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg.


We can affirm that the Republic is a form of government in which the people have the right to elect their rulers by vote, such as a head of state who is called president and other leaders who will also govern the state. It should be noted that the functions of these rulers will be fulfilled for a certain time. Public powers are decentralized and independent.

Examples : Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia.

Among the differences that we can summarize between Monarchy and Republic we can find:

Monarchy Republic
The monarchy is a form of government that is based on the fact that power is concentrated in a single person, the monarch. In the republic power is decentralized and they are independent.
In the monarchy the title of monarch is received by inheritance. In the republic, it is the citizens who elect their representatives by voting.
Citizens may have special privileges and rights before the law if the monarch decides so. All citizens are treated in the same way before the law.
In the monarchy, the monarch remains in office for life. In the republic, all political leaders are renewed every certain period of time.

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