Differences between method and technique

People often use words such as method and technique as synonyms to refer to the way of doing something or achieving something. However, it should be noted that these concepts refer to different aspects of doing something or achieving a specific objective.

In summary, the method is defined as the way of doing something and technique refers to the tools used to do that thing. From this point of view, this article aims to highlight the most relevant differences between these two concepts, in order to make the reader aware of the proper use of them.


The method is the process that is used to carry out a task according to certain principles or previously established criteria. So, the method refers to the way of doing a job to achieve a final goal. Therefore, it is the orderly and -systematic- way of proceeding to reach a result or achieve a specific objective.

Taking into account the above, there are various methods to be used to achieve the objectives and these can be applied by anyone who follows the criteria set forth according to the method to be followed.

For example, in research we talk about inductive, deductive, analytical or descriptive method -among others-, to achieve an objective. Each of these methods has very specific criteria that differentiate it from the other.


The technique, unlike the method, is defined as the set of procedures used to achieve the desired objective. According to the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE), technique is the set of procedures and resources used by a science or an art.

As can be seen, the technique refers to the -tools- used according to a method to be followed, to develop a task aimed at achieving a particular goal. This means that the techniques are the different ways of applying the method to follow.

For example, there are different techniques for making bread, different kneading, letting the dough rest longer than another, baking at medium temperature, etc. Another example of technique can be the interview, the questionnaire, etc.

As has already been pointed out, there are basic differences between method and technique , these differences are indicated in the following table:

📌Differences Method and Technique

Method Technique
The method includes various tools or techniques to achieve a specific end. They are the tools to do something and that, in turn, are part of a method.
It is what is planned, the way designed to achieve a goal. It is the set of practical knowledge or procedures to obtain the desired result.
The method establishes the rules and criteria to be followed to achieve objectives and goals. They are actions carried out according to the rules and criteria established by the method to be followed.
Its function is to define the most appropriate techniques to achieve a specific purpose. Its function is to help develop the method
They define the sequence of steps to execute a task. They are the specific steps to follow to execute a task.

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