Difference between Merlot and Chiraz

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. This is obtained from the grapes, when subjected to a process of alcoholic fermentation.

Several factors influence the manufacturing process of a good wine. Among these are the altitude and latitude of the place where the grapes are grown, harvested and fermented, as well as the environmental temperature, the hours of sunlight, etc.
There are several types of wines, however one of the most popular is red wine. This type of wine is characterized by its reddish or red color and strong or dry flavor. Red wine, in turn, is divided into some varieties. On this occasion, we will talk about the differences between Merlot and Shiraz, or Syrah.

Comparison table

Shiraz (Syrah)
Definition Finer in flavor and smoother in texture than Cabernet Sauvignon, it was not long before it dethroned the world’s most popular wine (Cabernet) in sales. Its name comes from the French “petit oiseau noir” , or blackbird, since this bird consumes the first grapes of the season, the Merlot. This name comes from the name that used to be given to the wine from the Shiraz region in Persia, now Iran. However, currently this name is given to many wines from Australia and South Africa as a marketing strategy. 

In addition, this corresponds to the name of a type of French grape that is not related at all to Middle Eastern wine.

Characteristics The flavor of merlot is usually only slightly tannic. This characteristic makes it lighter to taste, which allows it to accompany foods such as cheeses and even desserts.
Its alcoholic strength is usually high due to the high level of sugar found in its grapes.
As for Shiraz, this intensely colored wine must be robust and very well structured. In fact, the Shiraz or Syrah grape is often used in wines such as sparkling red wine and rosé, as it adds body, complexity and even earthy notes. It usually contains high levels of tannins.
Regions Originally from Bordeaux, France, this variety
Italy is the second largest producer of Merlot, with producing regions such as Venice, Veneto and Giulia. Other countries with notable Merlot grape and wine productions include Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. In America, Argentina is an important wine producer, however, Merlot is only the fifth most produced variety.
Shiraz is exclusively produced in Australia and South Africa. If the wine bears the name syrah, then it is a wine made from the same grape as shiraz, syrah. The difference is that Syrah wine is from Europe (France, Spain, Portugal and Italy) and America (Argentina, Chile and the United States).
Peculiarities This type of wine is not very good when aged, because its tannins are very soft. That is why it is better to consume them young.
The ideal temperature for consumption is between 16 °C and 18 °C.
Shiraz has the highest recommended temperature for wine consumption: between 18°C ​​and 19°C. Due to its high concentration of tannins, it is recommended to let it age in the bottle. Generally 15 years is considered adequate, although it could be more.
Regions Within the merlot, you can find some fruity notes, such as red and black fruits, blackberries, strawberries or strawberries. Among other notes it is also sometimes possible to notice aromas similar to fig, leather and tobacco. The shiraz (Australian or South African) has intense notes although it is still fruity. Syrah (French), on the other hand, is much less fruity, but just as intense, as Shiraz. After all, it is good to remember that they are made from the same grape.

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