Difference Between Meme and Momo

A meme is an image with phrases that provoke humor and laughter in people, it comes from real expressions obtained from recorded movies and events. A momo is a publication that tries to play with the imagination, it gives you a phrase first and then a reaction in photography, later it is up to the imagination of the person to find a certain answer.


A meme provokes ideas or imagination, behaviors or styles that spread among people. This term was coined by Richard Dawkings in his book (The Selfish Gene). It comes from the Greek mimema that makes annex to what is imitated.

This concept was transferred to the internet to describe ideas that are virilized or that are massively replicated on social networks. The memes are not replicated intact, but go through different phases of modification and reinterpretation, this allows acquiring a diversity of versions of the same meme.


The momo is the cousin of the meme, it is used on the internet with the aim of playing with the imagination. To do this, they present a sentence first and then the reaction in a photograph. It is left to the viewer’s imagination to decipher the answer.

 Difference between meme and momo
  • Memes are images that are acquired from real situations or movies to which a funny phrase is added that seeks to change the meaning of said image.
  • Memes usually have two phrases, one bottom and one top. They use an image taken from a real event.
  • The memes do not use the correct language, they do not take care of the spelling and they do not give as much importance to the quality of the image.
  • Memes impose the end and are usually humorous.
  • The momo tries to play with the imagination by having an image and a phrase. It is left to the imagination of the person to find its meaning.
  • The momos only provide a superior phrase and an image taken from a real event.
  • They use the image as a response to the first sentence.
  • In momos no attention is paid to language or spelling.
  • They are humorous and do not pay as much attention to the quality of the image.


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