What is the difference between Marketing and Sales

Both marketing and sales are directed at increasing revenue. The two are so closely linked that most of the time people do not realize the difference between the two. In fact, in small companies, it is the same people who carry out the marketing and sales tasks. However, marketing is different from sales, and as companies grow, roles and responsibilities tend to become more specialized.

Comparison table

Close up A broader range of activities to sell products/services, customer relationships, etc.; determines future needs and has a strategy at all times to meet those long-term needs. It makes the consumer demand the same for the products that the company offers.
Focus All elements to promote, distribute, set prices, satisfy the needs and desires of customers through products and/or services that the company can offer. Meet the sales target.
Process Market analysis, distribution channels, competitive products and services, pricing strategies, sales tracking, market share analysis, budget. usually one by one
Scope Market analysis, advertising, sales, public relations, customer service, customer satisfaction. Once a product has been created for a customer’s need, persuade the customer to purchase the product to satisfy their need.
Horizon Long term Short term
Strategy Pull Push
Priority Marketing shows how to research customers and build long-term relationships Sales are the end result of marketing.
Identity Marketing focuses on building a brand identity so that it is easier to recognize when you want to satisfy a need. The sales strategy is to satisfy the needs with an opportunistic and individual method through human interaction. There is no guarantee of brand identity, longevity or continuity. It is simply the ability to meet a need at the right time.

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