Difference between Marines and Navy

The United States Navy, known as the US Navy , is part of the United States Armed Forces. The navy, as its name indicates, is in charge of the naval operations of the North American army. On the other hand, the Marine Corps or USMC uses combined forces although its specialty is the projection of forces from the sea. Both organizations are part of the United States Department of Defense.

Comparison chart

What sector do they belong to? To the Navy or Marine Corps. To the Marine Corps .
What are they? The Navy is the branch of the United States armed forces responsible for all naval operations. The US Navy is the largest and most powerful in the world. It has around 275 ships, 3,700 aircraft and more than 322,809 troops. In fact, its tonnage is estimated to be greater than that of the next 17 most powerful navies combined. The Navy, along with the Marine Corps, are the two biggest supporters of US interests. This sector was a key player during the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as during Vietnam, the Gulf War and the First and Second World Wars. The Marine Corps is considered an amphibious force. The Marines are an elite military body, vital to national security. These types of soldiers have special training and are known for their quick responses and lightning strikes. Despite belonging to the army and often working together, each one has a different management. The Marines are prepared to engage in any combat operation by air, land, or sea. However, they are primarily intended to grant projection of power from the sea.

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