Difference between Marine and Sailor

Both terms are closely related to work at sea. The main difference between the two is of a protocol type, the sailor is a soldier and belongs to a Navy while the sailor is a civilian who works at sea for himself or for a company or organization.


Sailors are those soldiers who serve in the Navy of a country. They can be officers, subordinates and troops. A Navy or Navy is the armed service that is responsible for defending a country by sea or land. They have destroyers, frigates, ships, corvettes, tugboats, submarine amphibious ships and aircraft carriers.

Some have naval aviation and marine infantry, responsible for carrying out amphibious actions. A seafarer can also be a person who graduates from an institute of higher education or takes specialized courses in work at sea.


Sailors are specialized people for work at sea. They are the crew members of a ship. They can graduate from a higher education center and dedicate themselves to machine engineering, transport or as a nautical engineer. These functions vary according to the countries, as well as the differentiation between sailor and sailor.

In the case of merchant seamen, they must take specific courses for the function of the ship where they work. If the ship has flags of convenience, these sailors must have validated courses in the countries where the ship performs its duties. In general, degrees and courses from Panama are valid in all countries.

Differences between sailor and sailor

  • A marine is a person with a military or professional rank in the navy.
  • Sailor is that person who, without having any graduation or higher education, serves on a ship.

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