Difference between Marine and Marines

The Marines are part of the USMC or United States Marine Corps . These are part of the United States Armed Forces. The marines are considered a kind of special force that almost always goes into direct combat first.

Marines, on the other hand, are all members of the marine corps of any country.

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What area do they belong to? Marine infantry Marine Corps
What are they? Marines are soldiers or military personnel belonging to the Marine Corps, Navy or Navy. This is one of the subdivisions of the armed forces of a country. The navy is in charge of defending a country by sea, although they can also be involved by land and by air. In a very general way, all members of the marine infantry are known as sailors, although officially none of them receives this name. In addition, sailor is the general name that all members of the crew of a ship receive, whether it is a merchant, sports or recreational, fishing or war navy. The Marine Corps is considered an amphibious force. The Marines are considered an elite military body, vital to national security. These types of soldiers have special training and are known for their quick responses and lightning strikes. Despite belonging to the army and often working together, each one has a different management. The Marines are prepared to engage in any combat operation by air, land, or sea. However, they are primarily intended to grant projection of power from the sea.
examples Any country that has a navy or marines will have sailors. Instead, the Marines are considered practically exclusive to the United States of America.

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