Difference between Marble and Granite

Marble and granite are two materials widely used as raw materials in construction and decoration. Despite their physical similarities, marble and granite are two different types of stone, with different origins and characteristics.

Comparison chart

What is it? Marble is a rock whose main component is calcium carbonate. This is a soft material that can easily be molded. It is a very hard and resistant stone. Granite is mainly composed of crystallized minerals.
Training As for marble, it begins its formation as sediments (animal and plant remains, rocks, shells, etc.) that accumulate under bodies of water. Hundreds of thousands of years must pass before these become solid stone, marble. On the other hand, granite forms deep in the Earth’s mantle, at very high temperatures. In fact, this type of rock is the most abundant in the upper continental crust, with 4.5% in the earth’s crust and 15% in the continents.
Use Thanks to the fact that marble is moldable to a certain extent, it is preferred for the elaboration of coatings, sculptures, coffee tables (not kitchen tables since marble reacts to acidic elements such as vinegar and citrus fruits), floors, etc. Due to its hardness, granite is preferred for making floors, furniture, columns, etc. Since granite is not affected by acidic substances, it is recommended over marble for making kitchen furniture.

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