Difference between map and globe

Main difference

The main difference between Map and Globe is that Map is a two-dimensional image that represents the surface of the earth, while Globe is a three-dimensional spherical representation of the entire world.

map vs. Balloon

The map is a sketch of the earth’s surface. Globe is a circular sketch of the entire earth. The map is a two-dimensional drawing, while the globe is three-dimensional. The map presents a part of the earth or the whole earth. Globe is an illustration of the entire earth. A map is a plane or a flat sheet of paper, while a globe is an orbicular shape. The map does not move. Globe has an axis and rotates around it. A map is useful to identify the desired theme. Globe is useful for the entire earth’s surface.

The map forming material is smooth paper. Globe synthesizes from hard materials like cardboard. The map is convenient to carry when folded. The balloon cannot be in folded form. The map is the best drawing that helps in moving from one place to another. Globe does not sail in the region. The map is simple, it provides easy identification of areas. Globe is complex and does not easily identify areas. The map is less accurate compared to the globe which provides the highest accuracy.

The map presents a distorted view on the other side of the globe presents a distorted view. The second name of the map is a graph. The other name of the globe is duplicate earth. The map provides less information; conversely, balloons provide more. The latitudes and longitudes on the map are straight lines. The latitude and longitude of the globe are round. The map cannot be developed for other spherical bodies. Other spherical bodies such as the moon can have a presence throughout the globe.

Comparison chart

Map Balloon
A map is a drawing of the earth’s surface. Globe is an orbicular representation of the earth.
two-dimensional three dimensional
A specific region, sometimes the entire earth. whole earth
Flat Sphere
Does not turn Spin-on your axis
Information specific to a region Wide presentation of the world
smooth paper Hard material
Can be carried folded can not be folded
Navigation help Does not help in navigation
useful for
Easy identification of regions Difficult to identify a specific region
less accurate More precise
distorted view warped view
Other name
Graphic duplicate land
great info less information
latitude and latitude
Straight lines circles and semicircles

What is a map?

A map is a flat piece of paper that represents the outline of the earth. Shows the entire planet or its specific area. It can be printed or handmade, used for navigation purposes from one area to another. There are three basic map elements: direction, distance, and symbol. Scale is a term used for dimension. The scale is a ratio between the actual distance and the distance drawn on the map.


  • Reference maps: These maps present physical attributes, geographical borders, some features such as roads, cities and places. Reference maps have many types. Political maps present the borders between states, continents and political sectors. These maps are present on the walls of the classrooms. Physical maps show the geography of the world by colored and shaded areas. Topographic maps represent the contour of the earth.
  • Thematic maps: The design of these maps shows a specific theme. Weather maps, resource maps, and income maps are some of its types. Weather maps forecast temperature, heavy rain and storms, wind flow direction, and precipitation. Weather maps are widely used maps all over the world. Income maps predict the income of a topographical region. Median household income is widely used to show incomes for urban and rural areas. A resource map is a tool that determines reserves of natural resources. Reflects countries rich in minerals or gas.

What is Globe?

Globe is a three-dimensional spectacle of the earth, defining directions, distances, oceans, countries, continents, and states. Its other name is duplicate land. It stands on an axis and rotates like the earth. The ancient Greeks were the first to use the globe as a map. The balloon may be lightweight, or it may be made of a hard material such as metal, cardboard, or plastic. As its composition is made of hard material, it cannot be carried inside the pocket in folded form. Globe is inflatable and semi-transparent.

Lines of longitude and latitude formed globes. These lines are circles or semicircles. Lines of longitude run from north to south, while lines of latitude run from east to west. The equator is a division of the earth into two hemispheres. Globe is an accurate representation of the earth and its parts. Globe cannot be a source of navigation from one place to another. The main use of the globe is for the area, applicable also to the interior of the earth. Like the earth, the globe design is available for other round objects like the moon.

Key differences

  1. The map is a flat printed or hand-drawn paper used to present the surface of the earth, while the globe is a pictorial presentation of all the land in the world.
  2. The map is a two-dimensional flat sheet of paper; on the other hand, the globe is a three-dimensional sphere.
  3. The map is a representation of the entire earth or a specific area of ​​the earth, while the globe is an illustration of the entire earth.
  4. The map is in the shape of normal paper, while the shape of the globe is round.
  5. The map has no axis and does not rotate around it; on the other hand, the globe rotates around its axis like the earth does.
  6. A map is a source for providing information about a region; conversely, the globe offers information about the entire earth.
  7. The synthesis of the map is made of soft paper, while the integration of the globe is made of hard material such as cardboard, plastic, etc.
  8. A map is easy to carry, fold and hang with you; on the other hand, the balloon cannot be carried in a folded form.
  9. A map helps in moving from one place to another, while the globe does not help in navigation.
  10. The map is a natural reconnaissance of desired areas; on the other hand, in the world, the identification of desired areas is difficult.
  11. The map is less precise; on the other hand, the globe is more accurate.
  12. The map view is distorted; conversely, the view of the globe is deformed.
  13. The other name of the map is a graph, while the other name of the globe is duplicate earth.
  14. Map offers extensive information; conversely, the world offers less information.
  15. Latitude and longitude are drawn as straight lines, while latitude and longitude on the globe are circles or semicircles.

Final Thought

Map and Globe are the pictorial descriptions of the entire earth. The map is a flat two-dimensional graphic, presenting a specific region of land, also used for navigation. Globe is a three-dimensional spherical model of the entire earth, which is not a navigation source.

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