Difference Between Management and Administration

Administer and manage are two terms that are often used as synonyms, however, this is not the case. They are even confused with directing and organizing, so today we are going to explain what the concept means and its main differences.

What is manage?

It is to use the resources available within a company to prepare a strategy and use them to achieve the objectives set. An example of this would be money, human resources or a company’s own facilities.

What is manage?

It is to implement what was planned during the administration. It is possible to manage a development and innovation process, an operational marketing plan, uploading files to the cloud for each department of the company, among others.

Differences between management and administration

  • The administration is in charge of making decisions for the benefit of the organization, while the management makes decisions, but always under the limits imposed by the administration of that organization.
  • The functions of the administration are executive and government. Management includes legislation and determination .
  • The administration is in charge of formulating policies, management is in charge of executing said policies.
  • Administration is a series of high-level actions, management is based on business and functional level activities.
  • The administration is the core from where all the standards to act and execute within an organization are created. As management , it is a systematic way of managing people and things within an organization.
  • Management focuses on managing people and their work done Management is responsible for making the best possible use of an organization’s resources.
  • The administrator is responsible for the management of an entity, while the manager is responsible for the administration of the entity.
  • Administration has a definite role within an organization, management has an executive role .

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