Difference Between Mammoth and Elephant

Both species are mammals and share different physical characteristics. Some of them are related to their habitat and the time in which they have populated the earth. Here are the differences between these two.

What is a mammoth?

It is an animal that existed on earth in the Quaternary era (7.8 million years ago), they became extinct 3,500 years ago. The scientific name it has is (mammuths). It was a large animal with a round head, it had a prominence on the head, it had prominent shoulders and its back resembled that of the current Asian elephant.

The mammoth grew to a height of 4 meters, had thick fur-covered skin to protect itself from low temperatures. Therefore, different species of mammoths were known as woolly or Siberian mammoth. They had flat and parallel teeth, they had huge and downward curved fangs and this allowed them to uproot grasses.

Different types of mammoths lived on the plains of North America, however, the woolly mammoth lived in colder places. Especially in the northern hemisphere and in the forests of Siberia.

What is an Elephant?

It is a large land mammal today, it belongs to the genus (elephantidae). Two different species of elephants are currently known, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Elephants with the passage of their evolution have managed to adapt to different environments, today they live in high mountainous areas, savannahs, deserts, valleys and tropical forests.

Elephants measure between 2.7 to 3.5 meters in height, being the largest size of the African elephant and have a longevity of between 48 and 70 years. They are herbivores and their diet is based on fruits and herbs.

Elephants often live in herds to protect their existence. They play an essential role in maintaining the environment, through their feeding they contribute to the dispersion of seeds and their manure becomes fertilizer for the soil.

Differences between the mammoth and the elephant:

  • Mammoths inhabited the earth in the Quaternary era and became extinct 3.5 billion years ago. Asian and African elephants are mammals that currently inhabit the world.
  • Mammoths had their bodies covered with hair to protect themselves from low temperatures. Elephants lack hair, since they live in tropical and warm areas.
  • Mammoths were larger than elephants, measuring up to 4 meters and elephants have a height of 2.7 to 3.5 meters.

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