Difference between loving and wanting

Both loving and wanting are among the most intense emotions that the human being can feel and project towards another person. When they are perceived as similar, they can be confused as the same, however, there are differences that separate them and we rely on them to explain their true differences.

What is love

Love is a more lasting and stronger feeling than affection It is a feeling that is maintained over time and the conditions that it usually sets are null.

The person who really loves is not only interested in certain aspects of that person he loves, but rather, everything related to it.

In the same way, when a person loves, he puts the needs of the other person before his own, therefore, his selfish behavior does not appear. For example, a person in love can send an arrangement of roses to a person, even knowing that she is not obliged to respond to the detail.

If you love something instead of someone, then you will always look for ways to enjoy that something. For example, if you love to read, write, exercise, you will always find time to enjoy the activity that makes you feel good.

what is want

Loving someone or something means that this feeling can be for a short period of time. Although, depending on the case, this period may be longer.

Loving does not always have to be related to time, but rather to being more superficial than loving. In other words, you can love someone for a long time, but never as intensely as if you really loved them.

An example of the above would be that you remember something you wanted years ago, let’s talk about objects. For example, you always wanted that original pair of shoes that would make you look great, because whether you bought them or not, we assure you that you don’t want them like before. You never loved those shoes, you just loved them.

Differences between loving and wanting

  • Wanting is the will that leads you to possess someone or something, it is to feel affection and desire for something or someone special. Speaking within a romantic context, loving a person occurs at the beginning of a love relationship. As to love , it is an intense feeling towards another person. Love is almost always mutual, for that reason it becomes what is known as “interpersonal love”.
  • Loving a person usually occurs at the beginning of a relationship, while love emerges after a longer and more stable process.
  • Love is more intense and sincere than loving.

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