Difference between love and passion 

Love and passion

It is believed that passion leads to love or just leads to a night of sex, but the latter is not an indicator of love. Although it is an important part of a romantic relationship, sex is not everything. According to scientists, passion is only based on physical attraction and imagination, and usually happens when people recognize each other in reality. The key word is “real time”, as couples discover their true nature only after months of relationship.

It is impossible to say that you love a person until you get to know him completely after a long period of dating, during which you appreciate his virtues, but also accept his flaws, which, depending on your upbringing, may seem pleasant or you do not like and you. You realize that when she is not there, you miss her, when she is you feel butterflies in your stomach, you enjoy making your partner happy or surprising her with various attentions.

When the couple tends to isolate themselves from others because he becomes everything to her and vice versa, you live another dimension, difficult to explain with words: you feel the need to hug him, to caress him, to live in mutual complicity and to have sex constantly. . In other words, you are in the sphere of passion, which can only be negative because the “you and me” becomes exhausting, obsessive and selfish.

Passion activates areas of the brain associated with reward and motivation, while love affects areas of the brain associated with care and compassion. Love is that feeling that leads you to worry more about your partner than about yourself, you accept him as he is; you want to know everything about him, you tend to talk about him like a prince charming, your heart races just thinking about him. you feel comfortable with him, you deal with any topic freely, without fear of being judged or scolded.

You are not interested in his appearance, but his feelings, his hobbies, his preferences, his tastes, his friendships, that you appreciate him because they will be in tune with your way of being and that will make you think of building together a romantic story that will never end. , In love, sex is a means, the amount of sex can also decrease, but it is the quality of the relationship that increases.

In both passion and love, you constantly want to be with your partner, with the difference being that in passion you are driven by hormones, while in love there is a deeper connection.

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