Difference between lipstick and lip gloss

Generally, women seek to take great care of their external appearance and countless times they tend to use all kinds of beauty products to help achieve their goal of looking good in the office, at work, at a celebration, etc. Whatever the occasion, there is always a suitable way to dress and therefore, today there is a wide variety of products for various purposes.

Next we will talk about lipstick and lip gloss, two beauty products for the lips that, based on their differences, are usually used according to the occasion, the clothing or the tastes of each woman.


Many women love lipstick because it is a cosmetic product that contains pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients, which give color and texture to female lips. Lipstick was invented in 1915 by Maurice Levy in its solid form inside a small metal tube. This device makes it possible to slide the bar into the tube easily and at will. In this way, it allowed women to carry it everywhere in their purse.

The advancement of science and innovation allowed lipstick to be conceived as it is known today, in its wide variety of shades and types. This magnificent product is used by women, generally, from adolescence to give color and definition to their lips.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a product that was marketed in 1932 by Max Factor, a famous cosmetics company. This was presented as a product so that women could highlight their lips, giving it a touch of shine and also color. Lip gloss is a viscous substance and must be applied by using a small brush or similar.

Apart from giving shine to the lips, lip gloss also helps to hydrate them and can come without color or with color depending on the desired shade. Among them, we can find light glitter colors or dark glitter colors. Likewise, there are also flavored glosses for all tastes.

Lipstick and lip gloss:

Lipstick Lip gloss
It is a product that is presented in a solid pencil-like form and hence its name. Lip gloss is a product that is presented in liquid form.
Lipstick usually comes in a stick inside a device that allows it to be applied to the lips. Lip gloss is usually contained within small cylindrical bottles with an applicator or small brush.
The lipstick produces a precise definition of the woman’s lips and well-defined colors. The lip gloss gives volume to the lips, although little definition and less color.
Its duration varies between 4-5 hours and long-lasting ones that can last more than 6 hours. The duration is shorter, usually not more than 2 hours.
For some women, lipstick tends to dry out their lips. Due to its characteristics, lip gloss allows the lips to always be hydrated.

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