Difference between Light Beer and Dark Beer

Beer is the most popular and consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. This is made from barley grains (which must be germinated, that is, malted) or other cereals, yeast, water and some aromatic additive. There are different types of beer, depending on the grain used (wheat, oats), the procedures carried out in its manufacture, the color they have (amber, black, blonde, red, cloudy, translucent) and their proof (lager and ale).}

In Mexico, as well as in most of Latin America, the most consumed beers belong to the Lager family. Lager-type beers are those whose fermentation process is slower than usual and is carried out at low temperatures. In a very general way, this type of beers can be divided into light and dark.

Comparison chart

light beer
Dark beer
Also called… blond beer amber beer
Types On the one hand, a light beer can be Pilsner (Pils), Munich or American Adjunct Lager, Marzën, etc. As for dark beer, it may be Vienna, Bock, Schwarze or Dark (Munich Lager) type beers .
about the malt The malt in light beers has not been roasted, hence its light color. Instead, the malt in a dark beer has been roasted. Depending on the roast, the beer may be more or less dark.
Flavor Light or blond beers usually contain little or no hops (aromatic additive). They are usually light, refreshing and bitter at very low levels. Its alcohol content is usually not very high. Being both of the lager type, the amber beers share their light and refreshing flavor with the blond ones. Also, they are not usually very bitter and their alcohol content is usually low.

However, amber beers have slight notes of toast and/or caramel.

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