Difference Between Lifestyle and Culture

Core difference

The main thing between lifestyle and custom is that lifestyle focuses on all the tangible and intangible components while custom focuses primarily on the tangible components.

What is lifestyle?

Check the lifestyle with searches, opinions, behaviors, attitudes and many others. of a specific explicit person, group or society. It largely tends to people’s housing standard. It may differ from one particular person to another. In the equivalent place, two people can reside with a totally different lifestyle. One finds himself in rural life and a totally different favor than living in a trendy metropolis. The lifestyle is reasonably more non-public than generalized. The time interval was first used by an Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler. It is a combination of all tangible and intangible components. Tangible components include demographic components and intangible components include nonpublic values, preferences, and perspectives.

What is culture?

Culture is the shared values ​​of knowledge, notions, concepts, customs, ideas, habits, and many associated alternative points that could be generalized among members of a specific society. Culture can also be used to stipulate the sophisticated networks of practices and accumulated information and ideas that are transmitted through social interaction and exist specifically human groups or cultures. Some factors of human behaviors such as language, social practices such as kinship, gender and marriage, expressive varieties such as music, dance, rituals, religion and sciences used such as cooking, shelter and garments are often called cultural universals, generally current in all human beings. societies.

Key differences
  1. Both lifestyle and customs are techniques of evolution. However, the lifestyle changes more on a recurring basis as it is considered personalized.
  2. Lifestyle largely focused on non-public fashion, while custom refers to collective fashion.
  3. Lifestyle can be expressed in tangible and intangible components, while custom focuses primarily on tangible components.

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