Difference between Leisure and Free Time?

It is common to use both terms synonymously the words leisure and free time, also to all those activities that are not important, that are not work and that can be considered as recreational activities.


It arises from the Latin word Otium, it is about activities that we carry out during free time without any obligation. According to scientists, leisure is a set of activities that an individual engages in voluntarily when freeing himself from professional, family and social obligations with the aim of having fun and relaxing.

The activities may have disinterested informative or educational intentions. The differentiation between leisure and compulsory activities is not delimited and will depend on each person. For example, for some, studying is a leisure activity because it is their way of occupying their free time. Leisure can cause pleasure and even financial gain.

  • Free time

It is the time that people dedicate to activities that are not specifically work or domestic tasks. It is a recreational time that everyone uses at her discretion. Each person allocates certain hours of their time to free time.

 Free time can be used to carry out activities such as going to the supermarket or visiting the doctor, these are tasks that can only be carried out at that moment due to the person’s occupations, it can also be used to rest or to carry out different activities that are consider entertaining.

Difference between leisure and free time

  • Free time is the time we have to carry out leisure activities or to carry out activities that we cannot do at another time.
  • Leisure is a set of activities for fun, training or information that lead the individual to enjoy their free time.

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