Difference Between Leak and Spill

A leak is known as that accident that implies that a fluid leaves a conduit as a result of an alteration in its conditions, while a spill is used as a synonym for spillage, that is, the process and result of spilling, when a fluid leaves its container.


Fugue has various definitions. In music, it is a procedure in which musical ideas are superimposed, polyphonic vertebrate is used by a counterpoint between several instrumental lines that imitate or repeat melodies in different keys. An escape is also the act or consequence of escaping, it is fleeing or making an escape.

It can be done to escape from prison, authority or responsibility. When a fluid or gas due to alterations in its composition, behavior or characteristics accidentally leaves a conduit or a container, we speak of a leak or due to design flaws or degradation of the container.

A leak is an unwanted opening in a container system, such as a tank, ship hull or pipe, through which the contents of the container escape or foreign matter enters the container.


It is synonymous with spilling, it is the process of pouring a liquid or a solid or a mixture of both. It is the escape of a fluid to the outside from its container due to a type of failure.

Difference Between Leak and Spill

  • A leak occurs when there is a change in pressure due to breaks in the container that contains the fluid or in the pipe that leads it.
  • A leak can be caused by design errors or fluid container failure. It can also be caused by alterations in the properties and characteristics of the fluid.
  • A spill is the escape of any substance, solid or liquid, from any container that contains it.

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