Difference between latte and cappuccino

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, it is obtained from the processing (roasted, ground and served as an infusion) of the seeds of the coffee tree. Currently, coffee has many variants that include the incorporation of other ingredients such as whipped cream, milk, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and many others that make this drink more and more consumers in the world every day.

In this order of ideas, the latte and the cappuccino are two of the most popular variants of this drink, which we will define in this article to finally summarize the most notable differences between them.


The latte or coffee latte is a mixed drink of coffee and milk in equal portions or with a greater amount of milk than coffee. This had its origin in America and later became popular in other regions. The word latte refers to coffee with milk in Italy. The latte is usually served in porcelain cups to keep the heat longer and is usually made with creamy milk but with little foam.

Additionally, when serving a latte, it is recommended to serve the milk first and then the coffee so that the flavor of the coffee is cut with the milk and obtains a smooth and creamy taste. Another important fact is that the coffee used to serve a latte must be an espresso coffee, which is prepared by passing hot water through the pressed coffee, leaving a coffee with more caffeine and a light cream on the surface. . However, in most American countries, it is prepared with drip-brewed coffee, resulting in a coffee with less caffeine, so a greater amount of coffee must be added.


Cappuccino coffee, also known as cappuccino, is a coffee drink whose origin is in Italy, where it is served in a glass with a saucer and napkin underneath. The name of this drink is inspired by the habits of certain friars who used to wear their hair totally white, except for a ring of brown hair that surrounded their heads.

In this sense, cappuccino coffee has only a quarter of hot milk and steamed milk foam and espresso should be added separately. To serve it, the coffee is placed first and the hot milk is added. Finally, the milk foam is added, which keeps the heat longer in the glass and gives the drink that foamy texture. Finally, cappuccino coffee is usually decorated with a little powdered cinnamon on top of the milk foam, but this characteristic is to the taste of each person.

As has already been seen, latte coffee and cappuccino coffee are two variants of the coffee drink with certain characteristics and forms of preparation that determine their differences, which in summary are:

  • In the latte coffee, the creamy hot milk is served first and the coffee is added on top of it so that it is diluted and lowered in the milk, while the cappuccino coffee is served first with the espresso and the foamed milk is poured on top of it.
  • The latte coffee is served in a porcelain cup to conserve the heat of the drink in general, while the cappuccino coffee should be served in a tall, transparent glass to be able to appreciate the various layers of which it consists.
  • Generally, lattes have a much smaller amount of coffee than cappuccinos.

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