Difference between language and speech 

There is confusion in believing that these three terms mean the same thing. He sometimes worries even seeing titles like ‘Language’ in books when in fact their content is based on language or grammar.

Today we will see the difference between language, language and speech, as well as some examples that will surely help us understand why we should not confuse them and thus have a better criterion of mention.

What is language?

Language is a system of organized signs, its function is to provide communication . The main characteristics of the language are:

  • The social language.
  • It is conventional.
  • It is linear.

The language acquires life and meaning thanks to the speakers, for this reason when it is spoken little or no longer spoken it is considered a “dead language”. In addition, the language is modified as the speakers make use of it.

What is speech?

It is the characteristic way in which each person communicates. It becomes the concretization of language. It has two fundamental characteristics:

  • Speech is individual.
  • It is concrete.

Sometimes it receives various names such as speech, spoken chain, act of speaking and produced language.

What is language?

It is considered an exclusive difficulty of the human being, which allows us to learn one or more languages ​​(Chomsky, 1984). Their characteristics are:

  • Physiological.
  • psychological.

One of the reasons why Hispanics confuse these terms is because we take as a study reference the content of books that are often translated from English, remember that in this language both language and language are written the same “language”.

Main differences between Language, Language and Speech

  • Language is a faculty that only humans possess and that at the same time allows us to learn languages. Language is an abstract system or set whose objective is communication. Speech concretizes language and unlike it is not social, but rather individual.

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